22 October 2007

Hallowe'en Knits . . . And A Little Crochet

Hallowe'en was in the air and I have been known to dress dolls as pumpkins. It was also a nice opportunity to take a stab at crochet "for real" (look closely at the yoke on that pumpkin and the skirt on that dress).

I was excited to see the spiderweb dress go to someone whose photographs of Mdvanii I have long admired. What a an honour!

I never could seem to understand crochet. But a whole day's flying to Canada, where they don't allow knitting needles on aeroplanes, forced the issue. A ball of yarn, a hook, a book of instructions, and hours on end forced the issue. I managed to execute a gnome-style hat.

So why are knitting needles dangerous in Canadian airspace but not in American airspace?

And now will the blog title have to change to "Petit Tricotage et Crochète?" Oh-la-la!

Exquisite Hybrid

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