13 March 2008

Cardigans, Cardigans, Cardigans

I was pleased but not entirely content with the construction of the last two cardigans. The shoulder shaping was fine but I was a little unhappy about the tension of the two front plackets and also with the execution of the buttonholes.

A pile of knitting books later and I had found the perfect three-row buttonhole. Also, I realized that a simple switch to smaller needles (i.e., the same ones used to cast on and knit the bottom ribbing) should correct and tension issues. Granted that upped the needle count from five to seven. It was quite a handful initally but soon became second nature.

Next I wondered how the same pattern and yarn would fare on needles one step smaller. Those teeny little stitches were rendered even more appealing but the knit is much tighter.
But the final bit of drama is that I have run out of the buttons I need. I even think I ordered some but cannot, for the life of me, remember if they arrived, or if I've squirreled them away somewhere, or if they never arrived. It makes me crazy to think that I may have to re-order them. And to think that these were supposed to be done and sold weeks ago (look closely at that Valentine's pattern and St.-Patrick's colours).

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