25 March 2008

Mdvanii Mondrian

I've been knitting a Mondrian sheath for Y. He found a very old pattern which I've been following. It involves intarsia and a lot of sewing up at the end. Not my favourite activity.

So while waiting for buttons, I've been retooling the pattern as a seamless, circular intarsia pattern (i.e., no sewing required!). It's a new technique for me (Honeybee33's description is pretty good) and I've had to retool it a dozen times but it's going to have, I think, a better finished appearance than the original version.

In the meantime, poor Mdvanii has to make do with a version of Elizabeth Hurley's "that dress," safety pins and all.


blog-o-rama said...

Love your doll
can I link your page on mine?

Ayîk said...

So late to respond ...
My apologies!

Please link if you have not already. I am flattered.