02 June 2008

More Cardigans But Much Smaller

I thought I was tired of cardigans but then I got to wondering how small I could make one. Would the 1:6 scale pattern for Blythes translate literally to a smaller, 1:12 scale?

So I pulled out my stash of single-ply yarn and my 000 needles and gave it a try. Suprisingly, the translation was quite direct. The trickiness comes inthe shoulder shaping. The raglan shaping is easy enough but the shoulder saddles have to turn in such a small space (i.e., number of rows) that the shaping was not quite all I had hoped.

This detail alone led to three prototypes: the first had a higher collar but sharper shoulders, the second had less defined shaping and a more open collar, but the third was a nice compromise.

With that, I think I've got cardies out of my system and two prototype patterns to boot!

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