10 August 2008

Jewel-hued Afghan Pattern Discovery

Guess what I found while in Canada: that afghan I was drooling over some time ago ... and all the instructions to make it! It was in the very craft book I haul out every time when visitng my in-laws. It's full of all kinds of groovy stuff; I still cannot imagine how I managed to overlook this and/or forget it was in this book when I saw the photo of the afghan on Flickr not that long ago.

My suspicions were correct about how they did it but how lovely to discover the original pattern. How reassuring too. I'm still pretty new to crochet so it's good to have some guidelines handy. However, They propose making it insections which means, the horror, sewing them together at some point. Thankfully, I plan to make a small version and will do my darndest to avoid any seams. Blech.

If I can ever get caught up on projects I need to finish, I really want to try a miniature version of this with which to suprise someone.

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