10 August 2008

Crochet-Knitting Hybrids

Not only did Una get to go to Canada this time but so did the newest fit model: Puki Puki. She's so small she can fit in an eyeglasses case, so it was easy to tuck her into the carry-on.

Also, I was in the middle of trying to make a dress for a doll at her scale so it was critical to have her on hand for fitting adjustments. But then when I got to Canada, I was shown these retro crochet patterns and began wondering if I could recreate them in tiny-scale. I made three using the lovely 100% silk yarn I had picked up just before our trip. At the time, it seemed so light and fine and that it would be the perfect travel yarn. I had to buy some!

Since I'm still climbing the crochet learning curve I crocheted only the skirts and knit the rest. This way I could be assured of a close fit with good shoulder and neckline shaping and teeny, tiny operable buttonholes. I'm not sure what the models were wearing under their mesh dresses (slips, I suppose) so I incorporated some modesty panties in the design. And they're attached so that's one less piece of tiny doll clothing to lose.

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