10 August 2008

More Yarn

I was up in Canada in late August and was taken to a very old yarn store called Moraff's in Whitney Pier in Cape Breton. It has been around for years, apparently, in what used to be a rough part of town. It looks like a general store inside with a very dense, eclectic selection of yarn and notions. More like Alladin's treasure cave than the usual perky yarn stores; it was an exciting change in venue. I wish I had taken a picture.

Moraff's Yarns
752 Victoria Road
Sydney, NS B1N 1J6, Canada
(902) 564-8339‎

In the back of the shop in an old display cabinet, I found superfine crochet yarn in a wide range of colours. Nothing fancy but just what I really need for that Mondrian sheath that I still haven't finished. I bought up all the colours needed and squirreled them back to where we were staying only to forget them when we left to fly back south. What a nuisance! Fortunately, my inlaws were able to ship the stash to us. But I have not opened the parcel yet because our house has been so messy and I refuse to add anything new to the general snarl of paper and yarn. But soon, soon ...

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