17 September 2008



Picture from the nga.gov/kids website)

I like to knit for dolls and dolls live in dollhouses, so I guess that this virtual one has a place in this blog. Check out the interactive Dutch Doll house on the National Gallery of Art's site for kids. Yeah, it's marketed for kids but everyone knows that dollhouses started out as pastimes for adults. So enjoy it righteously!

You can decorate and populate the house's 17th century Dutch interiors, moving things around, customizing, adjusting the lighting. And be sure to check every doorway. Click on the brick façade to enter and get started exploring the house and courtyard.

You will need Shockwave, to interact with it it but without, you can still admire the graphics.

Poppenhuis at the NGA


Anonymous said...

Just a correction on the credit you posted above - the NGAkids Dutch Dollhouse is from the National Gallery of Art's site at www.nga.gov/kids - NOT 'ngakids.com'.

Ayîk said...

Thanks for catching this. I've corrected it.