20 October 2008

Man Doll Knits

So a certain someone has been posting some more cataloguing photos of his gorgeous Mdvanii man doll. Some pictures of him in a new bathing costume reminded me of a pattern book I had bought a while ago and then forgotten and misplaced.

Interestingly this same person had suggested the book. All this has me wondering how well this doll would fit into some of the vintage boy doll patterns in the book. But there's only one way to find out.

The bulky pullover (pictured) with a nifty crossover collar is on the needles now. The pattern involves a top-down method which I haven't done a lot of but seems to make sense for this design. However, it calls for some sewing up of seams at the end which has me already scheming to find a work around. I'm thinking that instead of knitting the sleeves flat, it would be just as easy to knit them in the round before going back to complete the body of the sweater. And if the sleeves, why not the body of the sweater too?

Another beef I have is with the gauge.
Number 4 needles?!
5 1/2 stitches to the inch?!
7 1/2 rows to the inch?!

The poor fellow will look like he's wearing a sweater made out of hawsers!
This might require two reworkings: once with finer yarn, once with smaller needles. It will be fun to compare them. If they turn out okay, I might send them away for a fitting request. I don't own any man dolls so it would be fun to see if and how they fit on one.

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