07 November 2008

Finally, A Mooqla That Doesn't Scare Me ...

Polina Voloshina's Mooqlas don't really scare me but there is something really unique about them. They're not just plain pretty; they have an unsettling but compelling look that you don't see in many dolls: some look pensive, some edgy, some dreamy, some complicated. Mooqlas are expensive but they really do appear to be worth the investment.

Julia is on of the more recent ones. It may be her red hair, or her darker skin, or her decadently smudged eye make-up, or her Soviet fashion but she is really appealing.

Apart from the price, the only other thing that gives me pause is their size (40cm/16 inches). I really do love the smaller 1:6 dolls. I had a Tonner once and she didn't get much attention. I blamed it on her size but she was a Tonner. But there is no question that Mooqlas outshine Tonners when it comes to their sculpts and poseability. I'm already doing the knitting math: one Mooqla = 15(sweater) = 30(hat)

Other Interesting Mooqlas:

Beautiful Pictures of Mooqlas by their creator, Polina Voloshina

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