21 January 2009


Now that the last tests are done and, okay, it feels safe to start thinking about knitting some baby stuff. It isn't my favourite type of thing to make but I feel like I ought to make something for the poor little thing. Besides, I might learn a trick or two by working from a pattern for a change.

These were some patterns I found kicking around. The vintage ones crack me up: mostly for the names they give them and, dare I say it, some of the ghastly looking babies they use for models. The whole aesthetic is just so different from the patterns you find today for babies: daintier, more tailored, and probably more fun to make too.

The second from the left is a bit of a dark horse. It comes from a fairly recent book by Debbie Bliss. I made it once before for someone but hated the yarn I used. It was a bit too sleek, as I recall. If I make it again, I would opt for something a little more rustic or nubby.

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