05 February 2009

Petite Blythe Skull Hat Update

Image by Cupcakes.
Remember that project to knit a skull hat for Petite Blythe using measurements only but no fit model?

I heard back from the lady who had made the request and did the fieldwork of taking those tiny measurements for me: it fit! Hurrah! To the left is actually her photograph; it looks like a very good fit.

It was a great deal of fun, if a little scarey, to make something for a long distance dolly. But as I said to her, the collaboration was also a fun change since so often I am knitting stuff for an unknown doll. But this time, I had her photos of the dolly first and had her in mind as the hat took shape.

I do not have any of these in my shop right now but I am planning to make a couple in case there is any interest from other Petite Blythes.

And do not forget, that with Ernesto Padros-Campo's help we also know now that they fit the Drearys too!

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