20 March 2009

Bobble Hats, 1:6 Scale

I had some inquiries about knitting the bobble hat to fit smaller dolls.

I had made one some time ago for Momoko so I knew it was possible. I had not written down the pattern though so it would have to be done from scratch. I decided to try recreating the Blythe-sized version but with much smaller needles (i.e., 1.75 mm). It worked out very well with a similar number of stitches and rows.

Momoko has a similarly sized head to both Fashion Royalty and Pukis which means the hats can be tried on any of these dolls. I have some lovely variegated silk yarn in my stash which seemed ripe to recreate the gauge of the first Momoko hat, which used a ribbon style yarn.

They turned out okay. There are very slightly differences between them since, with each one, I was tweaking the shaping of the bobbles, length of the ties, and even the shaping of the crown. And this time, I am writing it all down. I hate transcribing patterns but it is worth the bother.

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