31 March 2009

He Likes / She Likes

Not exactly knitting related but a great deal of knitting gets done and will get done in this environment.

Some of this stuff we're stuck with:
• sleeper sofa (de rigeur in a not-really-a-one-bedroom flat) for guests
• underused gate-leg table (another space conscious piece)
• Fortuny Lamp (actually my pride and joy)
• Barbara Barry Bracelet table (another gem ... even if its finish is scratched to hell)

What's Needed:
• a crib (this one was not my choice!)
• a chair or rocking chair to replace our two beaten up, massive leather chairs
• a changing table/dresser (ugliest piece of furniture in existence ... maybe a dresser is fine?)

What can probably wait:
• rug (the colour debate may extend the delay on this)
• an ottoman or pouf (the squishy aesthetic isn't flying with my "roomate" ... I may need to improvise something with a store fixture and casters)
• curtains or blackout blinds (sigh ... window treatments depress me)

A bigger budget and no "client" would be so nice.

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