01 April 2009

Done Deal

I've depleted the Paypal account and even gone so far as to speculate a bit on some yet-to-be-paid commissions. But I ordered a Mooqla!

I am really hoping that my banker does not check the bank balance until after all of my knitting proceeds transfer into the account. Otherwise, how am I going to explain such a big transfer to Russia?

Julia was the one I ordered. She was always my first pick although I was a bit intrigued by some of the others. Second choice was probably Victoria or Lisa. I decided to forego any customization. Polina Voloshina's original design for her suits me just fine. If anything, I might have changed her hair colour. So I asked them to not glue down her wig so that I could change it on my own. I can imagine her in something shorter and black.

What am I going to do with her once she arrives? A Mooqla might be the perfect model for something like this.

Better get practicing with that nasty crochet hook!

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