15 April 2009

Triage Knitting

Images by Dalegarn, and BEKAHKnits.
With time flying and a budding realization that I don't really seem to like knitting for babies, the need for triage has reared its ugly head.

Here's the plan today:
1. Finish baby set. If I don't get cracking on this, Baby's coming home in a paper bag. The sweater is done and just needs finishing and buttons; the hat's 95% percent. But the bootees need to be made and there are two of them! The second one is always harder ... mentally, anyway.

2. The biggest project (Gladys Amedro's shawl) is one I should probably have started as soon as possible ... even if I'll probably still be working at it years from now. Lace knitting is still fairly new and challenging for me. How old can a baby be and still fit in the christening font?

3. BEKAHKnits fun bootees can probably wait till last. Everything I've been reading indicates babies can make do with sacks and socks for a little while anyway. I am actually looking forward to making these. They have a such a fun, little-old-man-by-the-hearth aesthetic and I'm curious about the construction of the inset sock cuff.

4. There's also a small matter of sewing in some ends on some polkadotted socks for a gift. Maybe a bus ride or two can get that out of the way?

Baby knits that look interesting and that look interesting to make:
BEKAHKnits (check out her maryjanes!)


Parisbreakfasts said...

I never heard of "Triage" knitting?
Where have I been?
I do have a "Final Home" Japanese rain coat designed for a Nuclear Winter...is that the same thing?
would it work in Paris? ??
Bon ideee to paint Paris street fashion!!!oui bien sur

Uyek said...

Triage works well with so many things ... even triage painting! It sounds so much more purposeful than "prioritizing."

A Nuclear Winter Raincoat? Sounds like the sequel to Famous Blue Raincoat but I can imagine it making an appearance in one of your Paris Street Fashion compositions!

Paulijn said...

I like the little socks and shoes for small children. My english is not that good. Can you tell me how I can get/buy the pattern of the socks.
They are so cute

Ayîk said...

Hullo, Paulijn.

I found the pattern here, at Bekah Knits: http://www.etsy.com/shop/BEKAHknits

Your English is fine, by the way. I hope you enjoy making them. They are very cute!