12 May 2009

FS: Eero Aarnio Globe Chair, 1:12 scale

Not knitting related but round, round like a ball of yarn!

Yeah, it is a bit of a stretch to compare. But all proceeds will probably get blown, at some point on yarn, needles, patterns, or other knitting paraphenalia.

It garnered a spot here on the blog, in part, because for a very long time I have been itching to see this in person. A small but important point for those of you not familiar with REAC Japan: these are tiny chairs that seem to be approximately 1:6 scale. They are smaller than those overpriced Vitra miniatures and very well detailed but definately plastic. You can find them all over E**y.

I was in San Francisco's Japantown yesterday and managed to score this in a blind box sales. Unheard of with my lack of luck!

It is very nice and everything I imagined but now that I have it in hand, I realize that I don't really have a use for it so I'm selling it.

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