08 June 2009

Danish Babies

Remember that baby set I was working on?

Well, sometime last month I realized that it still needed it's ends sewm in, buttons attached, ktl., ktl. Fortunately I got it done before month's end because someone decided to make an appearance two weeks early.

As can be seen, it is still a bit big for the boy. It was knit using the newborn instructions and gauge but maybe Danish babies run a bit larger.

The pattern looks very pretty once done even though it does not involve anything more complicated that some intarsia bands at its yoke, crown, and ankles; for the most part it is just stockinette and moss stitch. The boy looked like he was going on a ski trip but it elicited plenty of praise from the neonatology nurses.

So far it the days are not too hospitable for knitting but I'm hoping some time opens up for it.

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