24 July 2009

Crocheted Hexagons

This is a sneak peak of something in the works.

Lately, I cannot look enough at the beautiful photographs of crocheted hexagons to be found at Moonstitches/Mangetsu's blog. The hexagons are particularly appealing but her entire site is very beautiful. She makes me want to crochet, sew, and photograph more. Her body of work has the most appealing tone to it.

But back to the sneak peak ...
If you poke around my Flickr account, you might be able to guess what it is. I will add that Italian linen and my very rudimentary sewing skills are involved. I'm excited to see if I can execute it as well as I imagine it.

On a final note, as I suspected, the changing table makes a great photography station: good indirect light, clean background.

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