15 September 2009

Kate Spade

Image by Kate Spade
Maybe it's the boldly coloured tights but I really like this picture in the latest Kate Spade ad campaign.
I'm wondering how I can make something like it for the doll crowd. I can imagine Momoko in this.
Again, it must be those Pressplayforme tights.


Xiomara Von Glindmeyer said...

I have the bright red tights! They're my fave! I love that dress. I wish I can knit/crochet whatever it is you so rock at doing.

Ayîk said...

I kept meaning to sneak into a Kate Spade and check out the construction on that dress (the better to emulate it, my dear!).

No need for you to worry about knitting/crocheting. Just keeping rocking at being stylish! I can't do that for beans.