08 February 2010

WIP for Contest

One part of the entry is 95% complete; I need to buy a few more meters of silk button twist thread (new favourite material!) today. And I was pleasantly suprised to learn that you can deconstruct a doily. This is a technique I would like to revisit after the contest.

I started on the second part this weekend. I am borrowing the needlework technique called "painting," creating a colour gradiant by switching one of three plys of silk thread as the project progresses. I was initially terrified since the silk threads are as fine as sewing thread. But having started, they are more manageable than I anticipated. And the effort is well worth it. The colour of the silk is very beautiful and has that lovely silky lustre.

Without a doll on hand for fittings, I am a little nervous about sizing. I am referencing the dimensions, being generous with the fit, and saying a little prayer. Enchanted Dolls are unlike any doll I've designed for before. They strike me as rather ethereal. I want my entry to have a similar feel.

In fact, as I developed the concept for the entry, I thought a lot about its "backstory." I won't spill the beans now, before the contest. Suffice it to say that colours, technique, forms are all influenced by the dolls, their maker, the time of year, folktales. Now, I just need to translate that from its current garbled state in my mind to one, brief, coherent paragraph to accompany the entry.

So what's with the beads? I found my stash of teeny, tiny, glassy beads. The golden ones may make an appearance in this project.

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