06 July 2010

Turban Hindsighting

I finished the turban prototypes ... all six of them and took some photos of them yesterday.
The idea had been brewing for a while. And suddenly, I seemed to be seeing turbans everywhere. (Which reminds me, Ernesto has a post with some lovely images of turbans on his Dolldom blog.)

There are two styles: a simpler Möbius twist and a more complicated Thief's Knot style of interlocked and twisted loops. The Thief's Knot version definately looks more turbanesque but I think I actually like the Möbius version best.
The turbans were designed to fit a flocked doll. They would fit on one with painted hair but might fit on one with rooted hair too.

Fashion Royalty's Kyori Fierce Subject has hair that is bobbed but her head is big. She can fit into both styles but the Möbius ones are slightly smaller and therefore tighter on her.

Mademoiselle M. did not fare as well. Only the Thief's Knot version would fit her but it was a snug fit over her piscine. I might try a bespoke version that fits more easily.

Some of these will be going into my Etsy shop soon but you can see more of them here in the meantime.


jessyz said...

I love love love the turbans and those dolls are so pretty

Parisbreakfasts said...

you will like my post on PB tomorrow on old mannaquins heads...