14 July 2010

Turban Preoccupied

I thought the prototype for a 1:6 turban was settled. But on a flight to Missouri (that is four solid hours of knitting, one way!) but I made one more iteration of it and now I can say that it is perfect! I even took notes this time.

I had flubbed the green prototype, making the wrapped portion too short so that it had to be repurposed as a cockade. I decided to redo it properly. But this time, on the final round of increases, I only increased three rather than six times. The band was twisted twice instead of only once before joining its ends. And I used slip stitch rather than sewing to join it. Have I mentioned already how much I dislike sewing in ends, ktl.? But that wasn't the end. I then did a final round of single crochet around the bottom of the turban, joining the band to the cap, except under the twist, so that the turban would be permanently styled and easier to put on and remove. I must say that I am a little proud of myself now.

The only problem?
I made it on a 1.75mm hook instead of a 1.50mm hook. It came out a bit larger but this may be good news for Mlle. M.

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