19 August 2010


Finally, I am getting around to doing the knitter's prerequisite project: The Baby Suprise Jacket by Her Holiness Elizabeth Zimmerman (and I type that without any sarcasm ... really!).

The colours of Manos del Uruguay, Wool Clasica won me over immediately as the best in the shop but they were a bit wooly/scratchy and I was afraid I would end up with the most beautiful BSJ ever but that The Baby would refuse to wear it regardless. I had seen Malabrigo mentioned online in connection with the BSJ so I was pleasantly suprisd to find it at Imagiknit this afternoon. It had nothing on Manos when it came to colour but for feel, it was a winner: 100% wool but silky smooth. Just the thing to slip onto a picky toddler!

I always love brown + blue (like that perfect skein of Manos I saw) but I found something somewhat similar in Malabrigo's lineup. First pick was Indiecita, as a nod to my Manos First Love. For the second colour, I chose Paris Night. While I like Manos's colours better, I have to give Malabrigo points ,not only for their soft hand feel, but also for their dramatic, Crayola-like names.

BSJ Reference Materials:
The pattern pamphlet from Schoolhouse Press
Ravelry's BSJ (support) group
BSJ Wiki at Ravelry
Placement of stripes photo essay by KnitWiki and Nancepance
Toddlerization at Zigzag Stitch
How to do an I-Cord Cast Off at About.com

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