21 November 2010

McGyver Knitting Kit

Image by Clover
I need to finesse this post but in the meantime, here is my placeholder/inspiration at Not Martha
My post:

Re: The Knit Kit
You caught my attention. Knit Kits are a huge part of my life whether riding in a taxi, car, bus or airplane. I always have one handy!
I was excited to read about the one you had found. It is definately a step up from my current model: a Ziploc bag!
I had a few issues.
I travel for work so I meet a lot of airport security officers. They almost always hesitate is scissors are involved. Even approved models. But they never even notice my stealthy pendant cutter.
You have definately inspired me. I am working on my McGyver Style Knit Kit as we speak! Plenty of tested on the skys, on the roads , and on the rails tools and techniques.
Here's one to tide you over: hide your precious steel lace knitting pins in the coin pocket of your hinged wallet. Works like a dream!

I want to talk about practicalities, what has worked for me, innovations, bare bones packing, and sneaky security tricks (if you are pressed).

Knitter's Bug Out Bag

Clover Pendant Cutter
Tape Measure
Safety Pins or Stitch Markers or Sajou Epingles de Surete Boule orsomething avian
Large, blunt needle
Pen or pencil
Hooks - like these Double-ended Raku Raku ones at Super Buzzy.
Pattern (optional)

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