09 January 2011

BLUE BELL HAT Crochet Pattern No 036

Pattern from JT Easy Crochet's Etsy Shop.

This was a really well written pattern that was easy to follow and a fun, quick project to make. Unless, like me, you have never done an RDC or RSC before and end up crocheting it almost three times before realizing that further research and learning is in order! Ah, hubris.

I looked around online and discovered that for both an RDC (ridged or raised double crochet) or an RSC (raised or ridged single crochet) it is permissible to put your hook not just through the loops of the ridged stitch on the previous row but around the entire post of that stitch:

1. Yarn over hook,
2. insert hook from front to back through the gap in the crochet to the right of the previous RDC/RSC,
3. pass the hook behind the post (i.e., the entire stitch),
4. then poke the hook back through the crochet towards you through the gap to the left of the post/stitch, and
5. complete as for a DC.

This differs from the pattern slightly but it did eliminate the ruching effect that I created by passing the hook only behind the loops. And I did find directions for ridged crochet that suggested the same technique. My inexperience with crochet and lifelong battle with tension are to blame, not the pattern directions. I would love to hear from someone who uses the "behind the loops" method as opposed to my "behind the post" technique for RDC/RSC. I would like to revisit both this pattern and the ridged crochet stitch.

This pattern is definately going into my crocheted gift repertoire.

14.ii.11 UPDATE: This makes up small or else my tension is really unbredictable. I ended up making this twice more. The first time, I increased the crown by one more stitch in each of the twelve segments (i.e., 72 stitches total). This did not look much bigger so I did it again, increasing to seven (i.e., 84 stitches total). This was much bigger and better. I also crocheted ten rows rather than the recommended nine, exclusive of the two extra increase rows. In retrospect, I would crochet a few more.
This is still a favourite pattern and one I would make again. I might use a softer wool but the pattern is repetitive enough and enjoyable enough to allow for some play in with the colour or texture of the yarn.

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