28 February 2011


Proof of Life for the Toddler Suprise Jacket!

It took forever to complete the finishing. And finding the correct horn buttons and attaching them was another epic unto itself.

Overall, it was a fun pattern to knit: easy and exciting to see the striped design as it came off the needles and then transform as the jacket was folded into shape at the end.

Another thrill was to learn and implement the Elizabeth Zimmerman i-cord bind off. It gives an exagerated, 3D seam or edge but really adds to the look of the jacket. I am eager to use this detail again soon.

In hindsight, I would probably make the collar a bit smaller. As it is, it lends the jacket a Russian Commissar vibe.

15.iii.11 UPDATE: We made the cut for Made by Rae's photo roundup of knitting and crochet! How fun.

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