14 June 2012

(Japanese) Short Rows

Apparently, I have been doing short rows for years (e.g., shaping heels, shoulders, bustiers) without realizing it. Here is a linked list of tutorials, I want to revisit to check up on my technique ... especially the Nonaknits trifecta experiment!

Nonaknits test drives three methods:
• the wrap stitch short row,
• the yarn over short row, and
• the Japanese short row

Key things to remember about Japanese Short Rows:
  • the loop should always be correctly mounted, right leg in front (knit- or purlwise).
  • knitwise at the gap, pop the pin's loop onto the left needle, knit loop and next stitch together.
  • purlwise at the gap, slip the stitch, pop the loop, then slip the first stitch on the right needle back to the left needle; purl loop and stitch together.

Kaity has a very clear series of photos of what looks like Japanese Short Rows for a sock heel:
  • her old blog's post
  • her new blog's post

Purl Encroachment (a.k.a., Japanese Short Rows) at Hipknitism

Adorabubble's Photo Tutorial - Japanese short rows in the round

Extremely helpful videos showing Japanese Short Rows by MtMom here (skip to 4:20) and here.

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