09 May 2011

Enchanting Turbans

The turbans are back. But this time sized for Emerald the Enchanting Witch.

Initially the plan was to just make one in Magnolia to match her skintone. I have a notion to make a monochromatic Emerald Witch custom and this colour seems to fit the brief. I ended up making a second one in this shade in case someone else's Emerald Witch needs one too.

But then curiousity killed the cat and I wondered how it would look in a classic Emerald Witch green. It was no suprise that the green looked nice since her make up and her hair are already green.

Thinking of how yellow often looks good with purple, I next tried Silky Oak. This one suprised me by having a nice affinity with her lip colour.

Lastly, I was reminded of Lily's use of red/pink for a reroot and knitmad's pink rerooted Emerald Witch, I decided to try Pointsettia. I would love to see how this one looks on an Emerald Witch with hair that was not green.

These are currently available at Etsy.

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