08 June 2011

Moof Turban

Who knew that crocheting turbans would be so addictive. Una is the latest doll to get one.

She especially needed one since all of her hair fell out last week. It is not yet clear if it was because of stress or a terrible balding disease. I suspect some form of deterioration of her hair fibres. It almost looked moldy at the root. Has anyone else seen this phenomenon with a Moof?

In any case, her recent trip to Toronto with me found time for her to have her own turban made from Panda Silk (52% Bamboo, 43% Merino, 5% Silk) with a 2.1 mm hook. Upon our return home, her new hair was waiting for her: a lovely, fine heat-proof hair in light auburn. It is similar to her original hair but more ginger than orange and much, much softer and finer. I think that she is going to look very pretty.

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