28 April 2012

Action Line-esque

I found and finally finished an early interpretation of this groovy Patons pattern

This was made during the still very early days of my crocheting. I had hidden it away after making it, with its ends all hanging out, no blocking, and no buttons. So it was a bit archaeological to pull it out now and "marvel" at some its characteristics while finishing it.

What would I do differently?
• make is looser, primarily in the legs
• rounder shoulders
• longer sleeves

And, oh, make fewer button holes! What was I thinking? I hate sewing on buttons. Oy. Also, the back, buttoned opening seems to be assymetrical. Was this planned? I cannot recall but it does not seem to impact the fit in a bad way. It remains a design mystery.

All in all, I think it was a strong "first pass" at that groovy pattern. I think that I might revisit it again. There are not enough Blythe pantsuits out there.

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