12 April 2012

Daisy Protoype Dress

This was my second prototype for Daisy: a dress. The fit was much closer than the cardigan and turned out very well. This seems like a great style for her.

This is also the latest attempt to perfect puffed sleeves. It seems really close to the mark: a nice pouffy, rounded shape that stands up nicely. I will be using this technique again!

And, oh yes, those buttons work!


Linda said...

i want to favorite the post 1000x and more. green is my favorite color and this is charming to no end. so so so lovely.

Ayîk said...

Thank you, Linda. I am so glad you like it. Daisy brings charm to everything she wears.

Dawn said...

I *love* the poufed sleeves! I don't suppose you would care to give a hint on how to make them? I've done lots of raglan sleeved sweaters, but that pouf is adorable.

Ayîk said...

Hullo, Dawn.
I am so happy that you love them. I had a lot of fun figuring them out... but I have further plans to refine them. I really need to tackle Japanese-style short rows (http://www.petittricotage.com/2011/03/japanese-short-rows.html)! I think it would make them even nicer.

What's the secret? Well, they are only my second attempt but if you can turn a heel on a sock, it is similar to that... but reversed. Does that make sense? Maybe you can improve upon it.