10 April 2012

Daisy Prototype Cardigan

This was my first pass at a prototype sweater for Daisy.
I used my favourite doll-scaled yarn, Enchanté by Kaalund, in their Pointsettia colourway. It photographs much more variegated than it appears in person.

I was concerned about Daisy's curvy figure fitting into my default Blythe-sized knitting. I tried to loosen it up a bit. It fits her but looser than I had imagined it would. The cuffs were fine and fit over her hands easily with the use of dressing mitts.

All of the buttons and buttonholes are operable.

This was also an exercise in perfecting the puffed sleeve without resorting to an inset sleeve. I was mildly pleased with the effect but have since made a revision to a portion of the technique. It might be the solution.

Next it needs to be tried on Blythe and Una but it should fit them fine.

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