15 May 2012


This post came about not because of knitting or crocheting but because of rerooting. This is still, essentially a needle art but involving, brace, brace, brace,  dolls. Basically, you get a doll and hate her hair  or it is in such poor condition that you replace it.

Anyway, the point of the post is that my in-laws have a favourite anecdote about so-and-so's great aunt who was a knitter but went bonkers without losing her knitting skill (sounds like heaven!). However, her "tic" was to knit a sock and then, just at the very end, rip it out. Her family would watch her and save/snatch these socks for completion by someone else. It is a good story but I always wonder: was she really all that crazy. I do this sort of thing all of the time.

So that anecdote is why a balding doll is popping up here. And, it really is needlework. The closest cousin is either rug hooking or tapestry. Regardless, it is still needles and fibers. 

And, I think my dear little EW is much prettier with her do-over. Margarita Rosa's suggestion of a beefier needle helped so much. I was "getting by" with needles on hand and they kept breaking. But more annoying was the stubble effect: stray hairs poking up through the most recent but also adjacent holes. On Margarita Rosa's advice I used a proper rerooting needle and saw instantaneous improvement. Then, of course, it broke. So, I combed through my large gauge needles and found some very long darning needles that seem to work very well. And, best of all, almost no stubble!

So, back to the "do over" theme of this post...
I was 95% done with this reroot, take one.  But based upon my findings:
  • use a needle with a large eye and thick stem (i.e., large gauge), and longer really is more convenient, hence the "reroot needle"
  • hemostats sound precious and creepy but they actually work better than needle nose pliers... that locking grip is very nice after your 101st plug/loop.
  • Use many but smaller plugs
  • Take your time
  • Don't run from do-over's
I had to cut of and rip off that 95% sub-par reroot to-date. As I snipped the mess into the waste bin, I was thinking about my mental state but no one was around to snatch away the almost complete socks, er, doll head. And so I persevered.

Anyway, I think that "do over" was actually not so crazy. The smaller plugs are better... providing a  silkier, lighter head of hair.

And my pop culture reference (it really has been back of mind), is Liz Lemon's need for a do over. What a wonderful concept.

Knot Method - tutorial at Wide Eyed Girls by Dan Lee
Locked Loop Method - tutorial at the Puchi Collective
Two Needle Anchor Thread MethodPhoto-documentation by Dolls Ahoy! and animation at Mod Colors

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